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Project Management

AEPM is your single point of contact to manage your entire project. AEPM specializes in turnkey project management. Our philosophy is "each hour spent planning, saves 7 hours in the field." Our collaborative and iterative approach optimizes materials, logistics, and labor.

By fully understanding and working within the law, AEPM saves the client significant money on your projects. As an example, because utility locates are only valid for 2 weeks per code in Oregon, our civil engineers will locate the underground and overhead utilities needed to apply for building permits. By doing the first locates in house, the client only pays for an expensive locate service one time before excavation starts.

AEPM creates a complete Sequence of Events for all aspects of your project from excavation and site prep, to design, to framing, and to finishing before work begins. Carefully following this SoE allows us to eliminate duplication and rework. The SoE also identifies and optimizes tasks which can be done in parallel. AEPM engineers will handle the tasks that we perform in house while also managing subcontractors at the same time.

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